Best Places To Live If You Love The Ocean

Best Places to Live if you Love the Ocean

Many people consider the height of interesting and fun living to be as close to the ocean as possible.  Thankfully, there are tons of options out there to ensure that anyone can live this dream!  

Whether you want to be beachside to play in the ocean spray, or you’re more interested in just seeing the gorgeous views year-round: these are the top cities anyone should consider.

Why Live Near the Ocean?

There are countless reasons why someone may want to live near the ocean.  The main reasons are for the endless entertainment nearby, and also to get to enjoy time in the water whenever they want instead of having to plan an expensive vacation around it.

Owning property near the ocean means you’ll always see your property values increase as long as they don’t go through a storm.  Beyond this, swimming and water activities are better for the joints, which will allow you to age gracefully.  

Living near the ocean is one of the best things you can do for yourself: so which cities are the best options?

Virginia Beach, Virginia

This coastal city has unique beaches that are open year-round!  Not only is the food delicious, but this area marks where the first colonists arrived from England.  From the incredible three-mile boardwalk to the cute shops and amazing vacation-city vibes, you’ll love living here.  Although it is a larger city, with over 450,000 people in it, the amazing views and incredible area will feel like home instantly.  

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Known for its beaches and boating, Fort Lauderdale is one of the top beach cities in the world.  Not only is it home to fun attractions like the International Swimming Hall of Fame, but it also offers interesting things like endless boutiques and luxury hotels and restaurants.  Although this is an incredibly expensive place to live, with Fort Lauderdale houses for sale being the most expensive on this list, it’s worth it to live in an area that so many people see as paradise.  From incredible year-round weather to beautiful views and countless things to do and see, you’ll fall in love with this city too. 

Springfield, Massachusetts

If you’re ever in western Massachusetts and you want to enjoy some of the best views in the country, it’s time to make a trip to Springfield.  Although it’s not directly on the water, it’s a short drive to the beach and is home to countless rivers and streams.  This is the smallest location on this list and is far more affordable than either other.  Living here gives you the chance to find the perfect balance between work and play that will ensure you never get burned out and that you can get the most out of every single day you live here.

Oceanside Living Doesn’t Have to Be a Dream

Although many may assume that living oceanside is a dream they could never afford: there are countless seaside homes and cities out there for anyone.  Consider one of these awesome cities, and you may find your perfect fit! 

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