Is Courteney Cox Jealous That Jennifer Aniston Is Stealing The Spotlight After Friends Reunion?

Is Courteney Cox jealous that Jennifer Aniston is stealing the spotlight after the Friends reunion? That’s the question many people are asking because of an article in the upcoming June 21, 2021, issue of the National Enquirer. It thrilled fans of the NBC sitcom Friends when HBO Max announced they would air the reunion special The One Where They Get Back Together, but according to the Enquirer, not everyone is excited about the press that Jennifer Aniston is getting especially Courteney Cox.

Courteney Cox played Monica Geller, and Jennifer Aniston played the popular character Rachel Green. Not only were the two friends on the show, but they are friends in real life as well. However, a source stated to the publication that Courteney is upset that Jennifer is getting all the attention from the show.

The source stated the following.

The producers wanted Jen to take center stage at most of the interviews and promo ops, and nobody really argued with that at the time because there was an informal understanding that the others would still get plenty of headlines.

Jennifer Aniston’s reps haven’t confirmed the story, but the source continued.

It’s quickly turned into the Jennifer Aniston show!

According to the report, Courteney Cox isn’t happy and feels that Jennifer has become bossy. The source said she finds Jennifer “very bossy and egotistical” and that their friendship is now strained.

Not everyone believes the report and Jennifer Aniston recently shared a lovely photo of the Friends’ cast spending time together on set.

While the National Enquirer is stirring gossip that there is trouble between the pair, Jennifer shared a post on her official Instagram account in honor of her goddaughter’s 17th birthday. Courteney Cox shares 17-year-old Coco Arquette with ex-husband David Arquette and Coco celebrated her 17th birthday on June 13, 2021. Jennifer is Coco’s godmother and it shows how close her bond with Courteney Cox is.

You may see the sweet photo that Jennifer Aniston shared of herself with a much younger Coco Arquette below.

What do you think about the National Enquirer’s report? Do you believe that Courteney Cox is jealous of Jennifer Aniston?

Featured Image Credit: Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

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