Kelly Osbourne Lost 85 Pounds Through Gastric Bypass Surgery

Kelly Osbourne lost 85 pounds through gastric bypass surgery and the public is in awe of her transformation. Fans wondered how the 35-year-old singer and actress managed such a big change. Kelly opened up about her surgery on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast hosted by Dax Holt and Adam Glyn and fans are celebrating her transformation. Kelly has more than 2.2. million Instagram followers and she regularly shares photos on her account. She didn’t make the announcement that she would start appearing differently in her pictures, but her followers quickly noticed that Kelly was displaying a slimmer frame.

Now, she’s being compared to Adele who also went through a sudden weight loss where the public felt she looked incredibly different.

Though many people are finding the Coronavirus pandemic a time where they are gaining weight (they call it the Quarantine 15) Kelly has joined a small number of celebrities who are losing weight and transforming their health during the pandemic. Kelly looks amazing and she has stated she feels like an entirely new person since the weight loss.

You may hear Kelly Osbourne open up about her gastric bypass surgery in audio player below.

A six-year-old Kelly Osbourne joins her siblings and father Ozzy Osbourne on the Joan Rivers Show

Kelly has publicly struggled with her weight and dropped approximately 50 pounds after appearing on Dancing With The Stars. She lives a Vegan lifestyle and is focused on her health and fitness. She also opened up that she underwent buccal fat removal on her jaw. The procedure removes the fat layers on the side of the face and results in a new slimmer facial shape.

Kelly made it clear that this transformation has been a long journey and has been a two-year process. Speaking about her gastric bypass surgery, Kelly said it was the best decision she ever made.

Kelly is working on her own podcast where she will dish on the different strategies that she uses to stay healthy and live her best life including working out, living a Vegan lifestyle, and meditating each day.

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