Kylie Jenner’s Best Hairstyles — Choosing Styles For Square Shaped Faces

Kylie Jenner is known for her various hairstyles. One day, the baby KarJenner could wear a short, yellow wig. The next day, Kylie could be a platinum blonde, and the day after that, she might rock a waist-length ponytail or braid. But which of these styles is actually the best for Kylie? Which complements her face shape, her bone structure, and works best with her height? There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing the best hairstyle and unlike Kylie’s sister Kourtney (who practically wears one similar style every day) Kylie wears nearly every hairstyle imaginable. But it must be asked, are all of these hairstyles the best for Kylie Jenner?

That’s a question you may want to address and consider for yourself, if you have a similar face structure to Kylie’s.

If you are going to have a wig collection the size of Kylie’s then yes — you don’t need to focus too much on your best hairstyle and can wear a different hair color according to your whimsy. For many women, however; the option of drastically changing your hair from day to day isn’t practical. Kylie Jenner has a square shaped face and those who also have square shaped faces can learn a bit about what style would be best for them.

It should also be noted that Kylie works with many of the best celebrity hairstylists and wigmakers in the business: Tokyo Stylez, Jesus Guerrero, Andrew Fitzsimons, Chris Appleton and more.

Those with square faces look best with a part that is slightly off center. Kylie often wears hairstyles that are parted off center, such as in the video below.
Jesus Guerrero created this look for Kylie as soon as social distancing restrictions eased up due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Kylie wears her hair in many different hair colors, though her natural hair is a dark brown color. Some fans feel that she can pull off all hair colors with her complexion while there are many who believe her natural color and those closest to it (such as her recent bronde (blonde and brown) looks are best).
Kylie Jenner with bronde hair
Kylie Jenner wearing one of the wigs created by Tokyo Stylez

The wig that Kylie Jenner is wearing below is very flattering to her face shape in both style and color. The soft brown picks up golden hues and matches her complexion, while the slightly off-center part draws attention to her eyes rather than making a stark line that causes the eye to focus on the squareness of her face. The soft waves highlight her cheekbones making her face appear slightly rounder than square. With a square shaped face, you can opt for longer hair lengths, but many expert hairstylists feel that hair that comes right below the chin with soft, voluminous waves is most flattering.
Chris Appleton colors Kylie Jenner’s hair light chocolate brown

Though Kylie has worn her hair in very flattering, shorter lenghts, she has also worn hair extensions so long they were shocking. Such is the case with her side braid that she wore while taking photos by a pool.

Short bobs are striking on Kylie Jenner and are one of our favorite looks on her. Whether in her natural color, bronde, or even platinum blonde, we feel that Kylie’s best hair style is a bob cut that ranges between chin and shoulder length.
Celebrity Curve feels that the bob is Kyli’es best hairstyle

Adding waves to a bob is more flattering on Kylie Jenner than a straight look. We feel that with her face structure and body shape, adding voluminous waves to the hairstyle is what looks best on the 22-year-old beauty mogul.

Here is another example of Kylie Jenner with a platinum-blonde, voluminous bob. The look is both sensual and glamorous on Kylie Jenner.

Compare the photo of the short bob above to Kylie’s long platinum-locks and see if you agree that she looks best with the shorter locks.

We feel that the extra length drags Kylie Jenner’s face down and doesn’t do her beauty justice as it draws attention away from her features such as her large, almond shaped eyes.

What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s different hairstyles? Which do you feel looks best on her?

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